Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Prayer and Poem I Hope to be Saying Very Soon

We are so close baby, please don’t give up on me now.
We have already beaten so many odds and sometimes I wonder how?
Doctors told me long ago that I might never be a Mom,
I need you to hold one and grow with me, we have to prove them wrong.

I can imagine you in a few months, kicking and moving around inside.
A reward for all the years we struggled, for all the tears I have cried.
I can imagine already your sweet sweet face, you’ll have your Daddy’s smile.
He’s been so strong wanting you so long and believed in you all the while.

We make this promise to you sweet baby and trust my every word,
We will love you and protect you always and your needs will never be unheard
Make just one promise to mama sweet child, that’s all I’ll ever need.
Please don’t leave me now sweet baby. Grow with me. Be my seed.

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