Monday, October 17, 2011

Just waiting...again

I'm still here, I'm just waiting for results again. Hoping to have info for you all know how much I LOVE least school is keeping me busy this time. While I have a platform, I just want to take this opportunity to send prayers out to a fellow infertile sister, Guiliana Rancic. She and her husband, Bill, have put their struggle out there for everyone to see and gone through this tough time in front of many tv viewers. Now their struggle only gets worse by her diagnosis of breast cancer recently and my heart just breaks for her. But I know she can fight this just as she has fought infertility for the past few years. My thoughts, prayers and this post go out to her in support. We love you, Guiliana! Be strong and fight this disease just as elegantly and bravely as you have fought infertility.


  1. our regards to Guiliana as well

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