Saturday, September 10, 2011

Again, Really?

Blood draw appointment this dreary Saturday morning at 8am and what am I greeted by before my coffee has had time to take effect? Kids. Sitting at the reception desk again. One, cute little girl playing computer games while her mommy checks people in for their INFERTILITY appointments. So completely insensitive it is again and I am just in shock. I forgave the last incident as explaining to myself that it was a one time occurrence, probably because her babysitter canceled on her at the last minute. But nope, she must just bring them when it's her Saturday to work. Nice. Real nice. Nothing like having the fact that you don't have children yet rubbed right in your face as soon as you walk in your doctor's door.

Thankfully my appointment only took literally a minute for them to draw my blood so I could get the heck out of there and go about my day of sulking about my situation. On my way out, my husband is coming in the door to be with me at my appointment. Too bad it was already over! So we went to sit for a minute in the car before he had to leave for work. What do we see at 8:11 this morning? My doctor just coming into work. Really? You know you have 8am appointments and you are only at work for 2 hours this morning. You are really going to put yourself behind to start? Why should I be surprised? At my last 8am appointment, I saw him coming in at 8:20.  I love him to death, but his punctuality sucks. He is completely on his own time schedule and his patients can just wait for him. It stinks knowing we are at his mercy.

So my Saturday just started off all wrong. I gave up coffee in preparation for my transfer, knowing that caffeine could be harmful to the embryos. Apparently, I picked the wrong day to stop caffeine. All the rain and college football on TV made for a very non-productive day. Although it was greatly needed. All my anxiety has added up to a nice-sized rash on the side of my neck. All this worry about school, preschool starting, parent orientation, the transfer and as always my weight has me losing most of the sleep I attempt to get at night. Not to mention the hormone fluctuation has me hotter than I can ever remember, more nauseous and on the verge of tears every five minutes. Not the best week in my world. I am praying next week goes a little smoother and is a lot cooler to save me from these hot flashes.

On a positive note, we are getting closer to our transfer. Our next ultrasound and blood test determines when they will thaw the embryos! We are beginning to get excited and in the right mindset for welcoming an embryo into my hopefully very prepped and ready uterus. All the soreness, cramps and oily skin tells me we are getting close! This time I am anxiously awaiting bed rest just for the pause I will be forced to give my body and take with my only focus being relaxing, resting and being a good incubator. Hopefully at my next appointment I won't be greeted by a 5 year old as a reminder that I don't have one yet.