Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Hiding

Sorry for the long delay, but I have been hiding because I AM PREGNANT:)  I am days away from my second trimester and have my fingers crossed I make it. Yay...almost! No, really, we are excited and pretty much celebrating. I just have that little voice in the back of my head of my doctor saying that Lovenox does work for 80% of the women, but the other 20% it just delays your miscarriage to the second trimester. Please pray I'm part of the 80% this time! Next ultrasound is in a week and a half and I promise to post more after that :) I have been religiously doing 3 shots a day for the past 13 weeks, patches, pills and terrified to do any sort of exercise. That, unfortunately has led me to an early weight times!  I guess I can't complain, right? Thanks for the continued prayers and support. I can't tell you how everyone has helped us to survive this struggle and come out on top...hopefully! :) Talk soon :)