Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't think you're alone

For those of you who are struggling or have struggled with fertility issues, you feel absolutely isolated from your friends or parents or even other people with children. But you shouldn't have to. That is my purpose for this blog. I no longer want to feel isolated myself and I want to help other women in any way that I can. As a 28 year-old female, I have already had 4 failed attempts at IUI and 1 failed attempt at IVF over the past two years. My husband and I desperately want a family whether through our means or adoption. I am going to share our story of many experiences and I want to hear from you as well. I want to share ideas of how to get through the tough times, books to read, music to calm us, bible verses to rely on, new procedures to try, etc. You name it, I want to talk about it if it deals with infertility. We need to support each other and inspire each other with hope, alternatives and options! Let's walk this journey together and see where the end lies. I've known I would have to travel this road since I was 16 so I was more prepared than most. But it's still not an easy path for someone like me with unbelievable maternal instincts and qualities. I have lost and more importantly gained friends because of this struggle and I am starting to see the "bigger picture" out of all this. I know there is a reason for my struggle and I believe this blog comes out of that reasoning. I look forward to your thoughts and comments and sharing my experience with you. We will be gearing up for our next round of IVF in early June. Be ready for some VERY hormonal rants and blogs!

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  1. Thank you! I love that you are doing this. I will be following!