Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am not a teen mom, octomom, or a pregnant lady in heels

Thanks to all of you out there following me! I can't believe all the responses and positive feedback I am getting. I am doing this for all of you! I am open to any questions you might have or ideas for posts. I can research something you weren't sure about and find the answers! Let me know and I will do all I can to help you out!

Now on to my rant about current tv options for women that are less than appealing to all of us out there struggling with fertility. Who else is annoyed by shows such as Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, Kate Gosselin (should she really still be on tv?), the octomom, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (a personal favorite of mine) and the newest one to hit the airwaves, Pregnant in Heels? Seriously? Oh wait, did I mention the Dugger lady and her too many to keep counting??  I get the fascination, but wow. I feel bombarded with guilt, shame and embarrassment every time I turn on the tv these days. Look at how easy it was for all of them! Why then, am I having such difficulty? I want to see a reality show of women going through fertility treatments. I realize the stress of going through the procedures is enough as it is without being on television, but something should be out there for information and comfort. I have even gone so far as to email the Discovery Channel, TLC, and National Geographic (ok, not really the last one) and pitch the idea to them. With statistics approaching about 1 in 4 women to be termed "infertile", you would think the trend in TLC's lineup would change just a little.  Just a thought I've had for a while. Thoughts?

TV watching is sometimes hard enough, but it becomes even more evident how infertile you are when it feels like everyone you know is pregnant. That was me last year during my 4 IUI and 1 IVF attempts. Nothing against my friends who were, I love you, but I wasn't pregnant. That's all I thought every time I saw you. I counted them all up and at one point or another last year I knew personally 9 pregnant women. Thank God I didn't have to go to 9 baby showers! That is hard! Buying baby gifts for others when all you want is just to buy them for your own baby. My poor husband was my only shoulder to cry on at that point. I didn't want to make my friends feel bad for being so blessed to be pregnant. I was happy for them, but I was just as equally unhappy that I was not pregnant. What's worse is being on the hormone shots at the same time. I believe I had some of the worst hormone raging rants! But I couldn't help it. That's just it, people who haven't been through this, don't get just how emotional you become. It's out of your control. If not a reality show, at least a sitcom of this part of a woman's life, I believe, would be completely humorous to watch. I mean, can you imagine all the crazy, emotional woman storylines they could come up with? I could give them half of their season just by listing off mine!

Well I'll save all future rants for when I'm on my shots in May so you all can see just how "colorful" they are! My husband will love the fact he won't have to be the only one to listen to them this time around!

Thanks again to everyone out there for your support and kind words. This has been an idea of mine for a year now and I'm so happy I decided to go ahead with it!

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