Monday, May 9, 2011

A Poem That Says It All

I belong to a few groups on Facebook that are for those of us struggling with infertility. One of the women in one of the groups kindly shared this poem she found on a website. I plan to revisit this poem every day of my two week wait in June! Just thought you would all enjoy this poem and the thoughts that cross our mind from time to time! From my perspective, the title should be "The Two Week Wait".

The two week wait, a testing time,
designed to make you lose your mind
'tis all surreal, to think inside,
there's little embies, trying to hide,
snuggling in for a 9 month stay,
well that's the outcome for which I pray
twinges here and twinge there,
are they implanting or just trapped air,
progesterone pants and heparin bruising,
mood swings galore, my mind I am losing
time goes slow, then slower still,
a few more hours another pill
pee sticks screaming "pee on me NOW",
but it's way too early, you silly cow
and so I wait, a few more days,
distracting myself in ridiculous ways
I write a poem, I vacuum the cat,
I sort my cds, and feng shui the house
I go out for tea, I go out for cake,
I stuff my face with another homebake
I've surfed the net for hours on end,
twittered and facebooked and phoned another friend
and still it's days till I pee in a pot,
and the magic stick will say preggars or not!
hanging on in there, trying to be strong,
but so few days can seem so long
got everything crossed, butterflies in my tummy,
this has to be my time to finally become a mummy!
                              ~Author unknown

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