Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Transfer Day!

These are our little embryos that they transferred this morning! All went well and there were several that looked good, but these two were the best and the most ready. The bottom one is even beginning to hatch from its shell and that's what it does right before it attaches...crazy! I love science! I am currently on day one of bed rest with at least two more to follow. I will probably hang low through the weekend just to make sure! The first 48-72 hours after transfer are when they implant themselves and the most crucial for laying around. Pretty nifty! So the darker masses you see in the embryos would potentially become the fetuses and the lighter masses around them would become the placentas. Our embryologist was much happier with this cycle, especially since we were able to do a day 6 transfer. Last time with our day 3 transfer, the embryos were only 5, 6, and 7 cells. This time they are between 60 and 80 cells! So our outlook is good with a 50-60% chance of success this time:) Don't stop the prayers! They have lifted us up this far and I hope it only continues from here:) Thank you all for all your thoughts, kind words, food and prayers!
This time is a much happier, calmer and somewhat easier cycle and I can only hope it continues with good fortune next week with my Beta test (blood test to see if it worked and I'm pregnant!).

Already, I am finding myself uncomfortable laying around. Switching sides only does so much for comfort, view and change of location! The progesterone shots in my backside make laying here quite painful, not to mention my ovaries still being enlarged from the egg retrieval. Tylenol it is for me and I still continue with the Gatorade to ward off any symptoms or potential Hyperstimulation. I just keep looking at the pics of our embryos and know that it's all worth it. I felt extremely calm and happy this morning (could be due to the Valium they have you take), but also because I felt God again with us. I was able to go through the entire cycle seeing my doctor at each visit, including today, which greatly helped reduce any anxiety and fears I might have mustered up in nightmares. So I feel completely confident and hopeful:) All I have to do is lay here and hope that God's will is for us to have children this time around. I will read my numerous books, watch so much TV and movies it will be ridiculous and bother you all with multiple blog posts I'm sure! Oh and did I mention, eat? That has been a hobby of mine today that hopefully won't continue at the same intensity for the next few days! I've managed to fend off any additional weight gain. However, I see that possibly changing over the next 72 hours! Oh well...all worth it! I have to give those embryos nutrients to grow, attach and burrow like crazy! My husband was so cute today bringing me all the veggies, fruit and protein he could find in our fridge. Tomorrow and Friday with him being at work, he will stock a cooler next to the bed for me to eat out of all day! A girl's gotta eat, right?

Now it's just a 7 day wait until we see if it worked.  Here's to bed rest!


  1. Oh that's wonderful news!! I know you must be through the roof right now in excitement!! My ivf cycle starts soon as well. I will be praying for you and your twins, (and yes, I'm claiming your bfp) 7 days will be here before you know it~Good Luck

  2. I'll join with Taiquia and pray for the twins too! I was wondering how a type A girl like yourself would handle the horizontal protocol. Sounds like you are complying! Sorry for the soreness from the shots. Hoping and praying for great news for you!

  3. Praying for you all the time!! God has blessed you & Jay this far & He's not stopping now!!!