Saturday, May 7, 2011

My "Bible" Has Come!

I finally got our protocol and schedule of the weeks to come! FINALLY.  Let me just say that is the only thing getting me through this glorious holiday weekend. I find myself almost in tears at the sight of every pregnant woman I see...and that is just about everywhere we go. My husband and I just got back from Target and literally just being in the atmosphere of everyone purchasing cards, flowers, gifts and seeing 3 ladies with baby bumps made me want to run out of the store screaming and crying. In fact I did have tears in my eyes as we got into the car. All I could say was get me out of here! Just thinking about tomorrow's sermon at church about Mother's Day I'm sure might put me over the edge...perhaps I will have to sit this Sunday out. I mean I appreciate and adore all mothers and will celebrate them no doubt, but I am so close I can taste it and the only thing that keeps popping into my head is that what if that doesn't happen for me? So what I am focusing on is my fantastic schedule of shots. SHOTS! YAY SHOTS! A step in the right direction after almost a year and half off.

My sonohisterogram and trial transfer went well on Thursday. It was a bit more painful than I had remembered, but all things considered nothing big! That was all forgotten as soon as the nurse came in with our schedule.
Now- both hubby and I are on a Z-pack to kill any chance of infection
May 11- Lupron shots to begin daily in the a.m.
May 15- Last day of birth control pill, still continuing Lupron shots
May 21- Dr.'s appt., ultrasound, blood work and Lupron continued
May 22 - Cycle Day 3!!!!! This is it! This is the day that begins it all!
                      *Continue Lupron
                      *Make sure to be taking prenatal (already there)
                      *Begin taking extra folic acid and aspirin daily
                      *Begin gonadotropin injections - for me that means Follistim and let me tell you my dose is
                        300! To anyone out there who doesn't know, that's A LOT, in fact the entire vial that the
                        medicine comes in to be exact. A lot of women start out on doses of 25, 50 or 75...not
                        this girl!
May 27 - Follow up appointment to check estradiol levels, ultrasound and continue with Lupron and Follistim shots
**At this appointment, more instructions will be given with more appointments set up to do the egg retrieval and monitoring.

By my cycle day #9 we have to start watching closely for when the HCG shot to be given on approximately cycle day #11 or cycle day #12. This has to be given exactly 35 hours prior to my egg retrieval.

As always no Ibuprofen anymore, only Tylenol. Must drink plenty of fluids and keep diet high in fiber and protein. Exercise during this protocol becomes restricted to brisk walking.

YAY! Something to cling to in order to get me through this apparently rough weekend. I can take a breath, relax (ha! at least I will try), and wait for all that is to come my way in the means of shots and hopefully good fortune!  I will post continuously through this process to keep you all informed of the good, the bad and the ugly! Thank you again for your continued support throughout this stressful experience that inevitably consumes my life for the next 6 weeks!


  1. God bless you!! Praying for you every day! :0)

  2. The sermon tomorrow is NOT about Mother's Day. It will be mentioned in the pastoral prayer though. But it's understandable if you don't want to be there. I had similar feelings after my miscarriage before we had the girls.

  3. Great protocol! I'm here visiting from cycle sistas and wanted to say hi. Our cycles are really close, I started lupron May 3rd, I'm exctied to start follistim on Thursday! I blog over at